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Who we are

My name is Francesca

I am proudly daughter of farmers and 3 generations we dedicate ourselves with passion and wisdom to the production and continuous search for the best products of our land.

My land is my greatest passion along with good food and good wine.

The good and the beautiful are part of my life and since I was a child I learned to choose the more intense and particular flavors. Good living and tradition mom and dad have transmitted to me.

In my professional life in the lonigro Group family business and in the development of each project I have always dealt with the search for excellence in the beautiful and good product, and this is for me a nature that I have also been able to transfer to food.

Over time, I decided to transform my passion and my creative and selective DNA into a Luxury Food project with an international scope, but always remaining faithful to my roots and values that make the famous Apulia Around the world.

Lonigro Group


cultivates and selects high quality products, learning from the skilful craftsmanship of the best Apulian tradition.

Who we are


Products of our lands, genuine and controlled with the highest quality standards in full respect of production sustainability

Who we are


Luxury and refinement are the unique characteristics of these small masterpieces of pure taste presented in a packaging that represents the true Made in Italy.


Who we are

La certificazione IFS è uno standard internazionale che assicura la capacità degli operatori alimentari di rispettare i requisiti di igiene e sicurezza alimentare e dimostrare l’adempimento degli obblighi legali in materia alimentare. La certificazione può essere conseguita a due livelli: Foundation e Higher, a seconda del punteggio raggiunto durante l’audit di verifica e la Lonigro Group ha conseguito un punteggio Higher. I principali requisiti dello Standard sono l’adozione dell’HACCP, un sistema di gestione della qualità documentato ed il controllo, nel magazzino, di aspetti ambientali, di prodotto, di processo e relativi al personale. Da anni ormai monitoriamo l’organizzazione produttiva e implementiamo un sistema di gestione della qualità integrato ed esteso a tutte le fasi del processo: dalla qualifica dei fornitori, all’ingresso del prodotto, il suo confezionamento e così via fino al carico per il cliente, con controlli qualità costanti e puntuali.

Who we are

(Good Agricultural Practices) is an international standard that summarizes the basic requirements of Good Agricultural Production Practices and is aimed precisely at producers of fresh food, of plant and animal origin.

The GLOBALGAP serves, first of all, to certify to consumers the methods of agricultural production of food that minimize the impacts of agricultural activities harmful to the environment, the contributions of chemicals and ensure a responsible approach to the healthiness and safety of workers. The Lonigro Group, recognizing as its own the principles of GlobalGAP, is committed to spreading this culture among the companies that occupy the territory.

Who we are

Il GRASP è un modulo aggiuntivo volontario e pronto all'uso concepito allo scopo di valutare le pratiche sociali nell'azienda agricola.

Guarda nello specifico ad aspetti legati alla salute, alla sicurezza e al welfare dei lavoratori oltre a un requisito SQ aggiuntivo.

Il GRASP è progettato per estendere gli standard sociali della nostra certificazione GLOBALG.A.P.